Dear friends.

We have to divide our history into two chapters. First chapter are years before 2005. Second chapter began in the beginning of 2005.

1. Chapter: Establishing the School Sport Club.

At the end of 1998, sport fans around Mrs. Dzurusova decided to underline their work in after school physical education in a formal way with help of the principal of a Lechkeho middle school, Slovakian Association of sport in schools and support of basketball club Cassovia Kosice established a school sport club Cassovia, Lechkeho 1 Kosice.The coach of the boys’ team is Mr. Servansky, who worked with this team from year 2001. Mrs. Dzurosova became an executive director and a coach of a girl’s team for beginners. President of this club is Mr. Lukačin. Concerning on an important thing that staff was too busy with their jobs and more problems approached, the club slowed down their work with basketball after 2001/2002 season.

Chapter from new revival of their work, changing the name and personal staff of the club (2005 – present).

Basketball club invited new blood in spring 2005. New people brought a big enjoyment to the club. We changed the name of our club on a first club meeting into SSK Slavia Juniorbasket Kosice. New name is better describing what we are doing and our co-operation with young people with out being depending on already existing subject or company. We started new teams of beginners with help from a sport clubs like Delta ICP and Slavia TU Kosice. New teams created the main part of our new club. Teams of kids born in 1995 and younger and kids born in 1994 started playing SBA official league in 2005/2006.

Team of kids born in 1995 and younger.

This team with Coach Rudolf Liska in a season of 2005/2006 won a Championship of Presov County. They lost only one game from 16 with final score 923:221. Championship of Slovakia was not starting that season but team attended a international tournament BADEM in Zilina. They lost in final game with a team from Hungary.

Team of minibasketball (Kids born in 1994 and younger)

Team with head Coach Jan Krajnak and his assistant Damian Exner attended in 2005/2006 season a Championship of Presov County. There were also teams from Presov Spiska Nova Ves, Poprad and Svit. They won 19 games from 24 with final score 1095:608 and ended on second place. With this second place, the boys’ team was nominated for Slovakian Championship in Povazska Bystrica (27.-30.4.2006). This Championship was for the most of the players the first one and team didn’t win any of their games. This was a big step and a new experience for our players and we hope this will start their basketball career.

Team management:

President: Mgr. Julia Dzurusova
Executive Director: Damian Exner
Chief Controller Officer: Mgr. Bohumil Budzak
Head Coach: Ing. Jan Krajnak
Coaches : Mgr. Liska Rudolf, Mgr. Bojcik Jozef, Mgr. Servansky Juraj, Mgr. Papincak and Ing. Kracmar

Another important change of our name was made in 2006 to Public Organization “Take the ball, not drugs”. The name: Slavia Juniorbasket will remain to our teams of our Public Organization in Slovakian Championships and tournaments.

Our basic statement is hard work for the success of your kids and the best choice for their free time activities.

We believe that we can satisfy you with our job if you help us and your kids will bring joy to you with their successes in basketball. We commit that funds will be used only for sport activities in our club.

Damian EXNER